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Things to Consider before launching your Aesthetic Skincare Clinic!

Hi there! If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re probably a dermatologist looking to start your own aesthetic clinic. The aesthetic skincare market in Pakistan is a growing industry with new innovations entering each day, making it an attractive industry for both doctors and healthcare providers. Before you launch your clinic, it’s important to take into consideration some factors to help you make the best decision:

The Scope

First, define the scope of your work. What skincare services will you be offering? Do you want to incorporate clinical aspects to your work or do you just want to focus on aesthetic dermatology? Make a list of the services you aim to provide

The Budget

After you have a clear idea of what you want to do, budget budget budget! What laser machines/energy devices/beauty machines do you need? What consumables do you need? If you will be performing procedures such as fillers/botox or fat dissolving injections, make sure you have a budget for that included as a consumable cost. If you’re adding a clinical aspect figure out if you also want to have a pharmacy in-store or not. All these questions will help you figure out what your one-time cost will be.

The Equipment

The aesthetic machines you use will directly influence the quality of results your clients will get. You should put a lot of thought into what machines you want to start off with. Make sure the quality of those machines is top-nothc! An important factor to consider here is that doctors must understand that Pakistanis have a different skin type than, for example, Western countries. What works on a pale skin does not work the same on brown skin. Most people in Pakistan have Fitz Patrick type 3 or 4 skin (although all skin types exist in Pakistan due to great ethnic diversity). Instead of spending a ton of money just because a device is a certain “brand”, focus on something that will get you the best results! If you’re looking for a place to brown, is a good place to start!

The Location

The area you choose to practice in is important! First and foremost, it will decide how much your fixed monthly expenses will be. If you’re renting a space, the rent prices will vary from place to place. If you own your own place, you’ll be saving on rental, but might have to figure out other marketing aspects of your clinic. The location will also determine what kind of equipment you need – e.g. if you’re launching in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, etc. then you will be investing in a bigger number of devices or in devices that offer a wider treatment option. If you’re starting out in smaller cities, you might want to grow slow and gradual. Either way, location matters! The location will also help you figure out how many customers you can expect – although growing, skincare and aesthetic dermatology is something people are gradually learning about. You might need to take help of advertising to reach your audience!

The Interior

Okay hear me out – ambiance matters! People interested in aesthetics and skincare are not necessarily sick. They are likely looking for self care and some good “me time”. Your interior will help people get a feel of how they will look post treatment! It’s always nicer to get that hydrafacial in a cozy, comfy environment that a place that might look bland! If your budget allows, invest in a good interior, if you don’t have the budget for it yet, keep it in mind you you can focus on it later on!

The Staff

Once you have these things planned out, your execution will be much stronger! As always, the doctor brings the expertise, the skillset, the techniques and most importantly, years and years of study which help them diagnose patient skincare concerns in an accurate way! The rest, make a plan, decide, and reach out to Tayyab Traders for any assistance regarding the process or if you have questions about laser machines! We’d be happy to help!

Happy Lasering!