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Let's Talk Aesthetics

In 2023, we launched Pakistan’s first community that is dedicated to bridging the gap between the field of dermatology/aesthetics and best business practices, growth of your skincare clinic and building a strong personal brand for yourself as a doctor! Let’s Talk Aesthetics is an online community of Tayyab Traders doctors that aims to uplift each other by knowledge sharing and by guiding their juniors to reach new heights in the world of dermatology and aesthetics.

We just hosted the first ever webinar of its kind with the uber talented Dr. Aisha Ghias where she taught doctors from across Pakistan on how to leverage Social Media to Build your Personal Brand as a Dermatologist. A truly insightful conversation loved and appreciated by doctors from across the country and beyond borders!

Stay tuned for more upcoming sessions to upskill yourself as a doctor, and to expand your business and knowledge skillset around the world of aesthetics and dermatology.

Episode 1: Leveraging Social Media to Build Your Brand as a Dermatologist with Dr. Aisha Ghias
Episode 2: Peel the Deal: Chemical Peels for Dark Cicles and Pigmentation (LIVE DEMO) with Dr. Rehana Kausar Marwat