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Some of you have met me in person but most of you know me through the
opening sentences of all our announcements. I’ve historically been working
behind the scenes, but as I take on a more prominent role, I would just like to
share some of the philosophy behind how we work.
At our core lies the doctor that will be using the machine – this means not just the devices you get, but how you get them, what happens after you get them, and how our relationship develops after you get your TT energy device is all done with a lot of intent and a doctor-centric approach.
Our teams across Pakistan work diligently to ensure we can bring the best
aftersales to our doctors. Our engineers are always at top of their work striving hard to ensure safety, efficiency, and results for patients. Among this all, I am so proud to share that we are committed to innovate by conducting in-house research and development so that when you buy a machine from Tayyab Traders, you don‘t feel isolated, but rather you enter into a community of doctors, engineers, and students that love learning from one another, and are always on the lookout of new developments within the field of aesthetic dermatology.
To an era of continued research, growth and quality products with the best
aftersales services as we embark on Tayyab Traders‘ journey committed to
excellence for our clients across Pakistan, UAE, South Africa, and Afghanistan!

Zarfishar Tayyab
Chief Operating Officer