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For the last 10 years I have built Tayyab Traders because I felt that the dermatology  community in Pakistan was not up-to-date with the global community and I wanted to change that. Getting access to high quality laser machines does not only mean that dermatologists in Pakistan are able to practice their craft, but also, and more importantly, their patients are satisfied with the results that they get.

Over the years, we have seen aesthetic dermatology from being nothing to growing andevolving into one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan. Seeing its growth and seeing so many dermatologists across Pakistan whether it’s Laiyyah, or Azad Kashmir, or Quetta or Peshawar or our home: Lahore and our second home: Islamabad – I am so proud to see how far doctors have come, and it humbles me to know that Tayyab Traders has been their number 1, go-to brand of choice. Now we stand at a crucial point in time – what do we want to do from here onwards? For me at Tayyab Traders the answer is really simple: continue to prioritize dermatologists and continue to put them first. This core value is at the heart of all company decisions I have made whether it is machines, or unbeatable after sales services, or free-of-cost consultation sessions that sometimes extend to several hours.

As I end my note, I want to extend a note of gratitude to every single doctor who has
believed in us and chosen us to be their partner in advancing aesthetic dermatology. The
level of trust, and the feedback both positive and negative is what drives us to constantly
improve and evolve; so I want to say to each and every doctor that believes in us: thank you.
Thank you so so much.
Lastly, as always Tayyab Traders will always keep its door open and will always be willing to
listen to feedback. So if you have a query of any sort, don’t hesitate to reach out. You are,
were, and will always remain our number 1 priority.

Muhammad Tayyab
Chief Executive Officer